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Where to find Sakura on February around Tokyo? Kawazu-Sakura!

We have our own favorite season, but if its about Japan, Spring is always amazing season to enjoy when Sakura is everywhere. Turns Japan into a real literally “sakura land”.

It was kinda “serendipity” when i went to Izu Peninsula on mid Feb.2017. I did not expect to meet Sakura since it was too early and only wanted to visit the farthest area covered by Tokyo JR Pass. Expected to use it maximally since it was pretty expensive. On my way to Izu Peninsula i saw a lot of Sakura trees already blooming and even in one area, there were a river full of flower. Later, i knew this river called Kawazu-river.

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The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival (Kawazuzakura Matsuri) located on the Izu Peninsula, about 2 and half hours from Tokyo Station by train. Here, Sakura blooms early on Mid February to Early March. Not so far from Tokyo, about 2 and half hours by train. The train route itself was pretty amazing, blue ocean. If the weather is good, we can see Mount Fuji along the way.

Here, there was kind of festival, a lot of food and souvenir sold by local people


Author: EmiTj

I love travelling and farming, so i combine both

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