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Open Air Museum – The Historical Village of Hokkaido

Located pretty near from Shin Sapporo Station, this open air museum was pretty awesome when i visited it on winter, last year. There were almost no other visitor made this place like my own play ground.

After visiting other tourism spot which mostly crowded in Sapporo on February, i was so lucky to enjoy the this place calmness.

Snow was covering all the area, turned it into white magical land. There were around 52 building of historical village around Meiji and Taisho Periods. Inside the building, we can find illustration of the real house.

There were horse and snow cart riding services, cafe, toilet and souvenir store.

How to go there :
Take JR Bus新22(№22) from JR Shin Sapporo Sta.(Shin-SapporoBus Terminal track No.10) (travel time:approx.18 min.) or JR Bus新22(№22) from JR Shinrin koen Sta.(travel time:approx.10 min.) and get off at the last stop “Kaitaku-no-mura.”

Open from 9 AM to 5PM, entrance fee 800Yen for adult and 600Yen for student.

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